Raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Maria Cristina is a proud Cuban American, a daughter of an immigrant, a fighter of equity and accountability, and a lover of the arts. She is a graduate of James Madison University where she studied Musical Theatre. 

She started dance lessons at the age of eight and continued since then adding acting, and voice lessons to widen her versatility of storytelling through art. 
Maria Cristina has toured nationally with Hello, Dolly!The Bodyguard the MusicalGhost the Musical (Ensemble/Mrs. Santiago U/S), and Elf the Musical

After returning from touring with with Hello, Dolly! she made her New York debut in New York City Center's Evita as the Mistress!

She now uses this quarantine time to brush up on her Spanish, protest for Black lives, make phone calls/write emails/and write letters demanding that Elijah McClain's killers are fired and arrested, as well as Breonna Taylor's. She would be honored if you joined her!